Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lainey Moved to the Swing Beds!

Hello All! Today, May 28th, was a great day for Lainey and our family. Lainey (8 days old) was taken off the ventilator last night and was weaned from the morphine. She is still on pain medication, but it is like Ibuprofen, therefore she is more alert. They took out one of the two IVs in her head and put in a pick line. The picc line will make it easier for them to draw labs and give nutrition. This evening they were taking out the other IV in her head that was used to give her blood (her blood was low yesterday, so they had to give her 49 cc). There has been some stool coming out of the t-tube in her stomach and they plan to begin using an enzyme rinse through the tube tomorrow. With the rinse, they are hoping that she will begin having bowel movements and clearing out her intestines. She will continue to have the tube down her throat to clear out her stomach. When it runs clean and she begins feeding, they will remove the tube in her throat. She has gained 10 oz. since she has been at Egleston (although most of the weight is from the meconium in her intestines). Lainey was also moved to the swing beds, a step-down unit from the NICU. No the beds don't really swing! It is an in-between unit from the NICU and going to the floor. This was a big accomplishment so early! The doctors were predicting she would move there by the weekend, but it is Wednesday and she is there!! As soon as she heard my voice today, she smiled...and melted my heart. Today I got to hold her for the first time since Friday. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Holding her today was a result of everyone's thoughts and prayers. I know God has had his hands on her. Thank you so much for everything! We are so lucky to family and friends like you.
DeAnn and Family

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