Friday, August 15, 2008


Hello! The Smithson household is under the weather with sinus drainage, headaches, and sore throats! Lainey began having a runny nose and a cough on Wednesday, several days after Liam and I began with the same symptoms. After speaking to Dr. Caplan, he was comfortable with placing her on an antibiotic and seeing her on Monday (we already had her monthly CF visit scheduled for Monday). We have also stepped up the chest physical therapy; spraying Ayr Mist in each nostril and performing percussions on her lungs several times a day. Since beginning the antibiotic on Thursday, she seems to feel better and definitely sounds better! Only 7 days into the school year and we already have runny noses. Hopefully this is all we will bring home from our days in the elementary schools, daycare, and hospital.
As I mentioned before, we are going to Lainey's monthly visit at the CF Center on Monday. Although she is still wearing newborn clothes, we are praying that her weight is at least 2 pounds heavier than last month. 11 1/2 pounds is what I am hoping for...more would be awesome! I will update after our visit on Monday!

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