Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures With Mr. Claus...aka: Santa

Logan and Liam waiting to see Santa.

Logan waiting for "a long time" to see Santa!

Liam actually sitting still while waiting to see Santa!

Logan riding the horse.

Liam riding another horse!

After an hour of waiting in line to see Santa, we finally got to tell him what we wanted for Christmas....

* Logan wants a Hanny Manny Transform Tool Truck.

* Liam wants "Apple Juice!"....Logan told Santa just to bring Liam a truck!

* Lainey wants a break from her brothers.

* Sid wants a day off of work, a day off of school, away from crazy children, and no "Honey Do list!

* DeAnn wants a day of Peace and Quiet!

Verdict: Santa says, "I will work on that!"

Santa and the kids....

Logan was too heavy for Santa's lap, Lainey would stare and cry (she isn't liking too many men right now), and Liam....Isn't he such a pleasant child?

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