Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 weeks old

Hello! Well....Lainey is still in the hospital at Egleston. &Today she turned 4 weeks old and has been in the NICU at Egleston for 24 days. We are not exactly sure when she will be coming home. A few factors have been keeping her there, such as the t-tube (in her intestines), feedings, weight gain, enzymes, and stools. Today they took her t-tube out, so we are grateful to have one less thing on our list that is keeping her there! Since people with Cystic Fibrosis have a difficult time gaining weight, the doctors are fortifying the breast milk she is drinking. On Friday she had 30+ stools indicating a problem with either her milk, her enzymes, or both. After several stool samples the doctors have decided to go from one capsule of enzymes at each feeding to one half at each feeding. They have also changed her formula fortifier to a more sensitive formula that they are adding to the breast milk. Although she is eating well, she is losing most of it due to the high number of loose stools she is having each day. Hopefully this change in the enzymes and fortifier will do the trick. Once her stools and weight gain are normal, she will get to go home. We have given up on asking when they anticipate her going home ~ they will no longer tell us when, rather they say it is up to Lainey! Please continue to pray! We need prayer for regular stools, finding the correct formula fortifier to create regular stools, determining the correct amount of enzymes at each feeding, and WEIGHT GAIN!!! For all of you trying to lose weight, just send it to her!!! Thanks again for everything you have done. We are hoping to have our princess home soon.
DeAnn, Sid, Logan, Liam, and Lainey Smithson

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