Thursday, April 2, 2009

A "Rock'in " Party and a much needed BREAK!

This past weekend, our family went to a "Rock'in" 1st Birthday Party! Campbell Rock turned 1 and we were there to help her celebrate. Campbell's mom, Josie, and I were in kindergarten together. We always had a blast and we NEVER got into any trouble!

For Campbell's 1st Birthday it was asked of the guests to donate money for Lainey's cause at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in lieu of gifts. This was such an honor! At the party, Sid told a little about Lainey's journey with Cystic Fibrosis, but not without shedding a few tears. Retelling, hearing, thinking about, subtle reminders of, and the reality of what Lainey has been through in these past 10 1/2 months along with the nagging monsters of CF pulling at your strings on a minute by minute basis, will bring me to tears. Sharing Lainey's story is very important to us, as well as Lainey's future. We truly appreciate Josie, Marcus, and Campbell sharing the "birthday spotlight" with Lainey. Below are a few pictures of Campbell's big day!

Lainey loved playing with the stacking boxes!

The Birthday Girl!

Marcus, Campbell, and Josie

"I don't like this Stink'in Hat!"

Lainey and Campbell checking each other out!


Lainey Bug!
Today begins the second best time of the year for a teacher........SPRING BREAK!! The first best time of the year is summer break! The camper is packed, the Expedition is packed, and the kids are raring to go! Although we aren't going far, since Stone Mountain is only an hour and a half away, we are just happy to be going! Unfortunately, Sid has to work on Friday and needs to be at school on Tuesday. My daddy is driving our camper to Stone Mountain today, then coming back to Gainesville to pack his motor home, only to head back to Stone Mountain to camp with us! I will be flying solo with the three kids tonight and all day Friday, but fortunately my parents will be there to help.
I wish my sister was able to camp with us, but her husband's surgery got in the way of the plans! On Tuesday he will be having 4 to 5 teeth pulled and a large section of his lower jaw removed. This surgery is a result of the spot he found in his mouth (mentioned in this post on my sister's blog), which turned out to be ameloblastoma. They will be coming out to Stone Mountain to spend the night on Monday since they need to be at Emory for Brad's surgery that is scheduled for 5:00 am on Tuesday. The best part is that I will get to hang out with my niece Lilly Anne while they are at the hospital! YEA!
With our season passes to Stone Mountain, we are able to come and go in the park as we please. The boys are looking forward to the 4-D theater (dinosaurs are the theme), the train, putt-putt, Sky Hike, Katy's restaurant, the sky buckets, funnel cake, and their favorite ~ the Laser Show!! Our friends Cindy, Sean, Dawson, and Kaylah will be coming to visit us at Stone Mountain on Saturday. They came last year when we were here for Spring Break (Cindy and I were pregnant with our girls) and we had a blast! Of ALL things, my favorite part about going to Stone Mountain is the BREAK! We do not have internet, our phones don't work well in the park, no cable tv, no school......just family time and going to bed early! Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some much needed rest.
Another cool thing about our trip is our photo session with Eileen Swaney for the Littlest Heroes Project! We are so excited about documenting Lainey's personality with some candid shots in our own element!
We will be back home on Wednesday, so look for some life from us then! Have a good weekend!


Aspiemom said...

That picture of the girls together is so cute! Where they are checkin' each other out. That was so sweet of them to waive the birthday gifts and have people contr. to Lainey's CF fund. VERY thoughtful!

Have fun at Stone Mountain. We've never been there and my husband has wanting to check it out sometime. You'll be posting pictures again, won't you?

Josie said...

Yall are sweet! I love the first pic of Lainey. She is glowing! Such an angel! I am soooo glad the whole family got to come, and I'm sorry to have put Sid on the spot.;) Oh, we HAVE to get more pics of the girls together in their matching dresses! Maybe at Lainey's first!!! Have fun over spring break! You deserve the break more than anyone!

Kelli said...

Your daughter is gorgeous, another great example of the CF Cuteness Factor! How nice of your friends to help spread awareness for you, what a blessing!

Kelli - mom of Sydney 5.5 wcf and Drew almost 3 nocf

Christy said...

Lainey is so precious!! Have a great time in Stone Mountain.

Somer Love said...

I love Campbell's Cupcake outfit!

Cupcakes are my favorite!!!