Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mostly FUN Times!!!

Well, prepare yourself for another long post......

This time of the year is always super busy for me as a teacher, mother, and monogrammer! I have started another blog that consists of pictures and prices of the things I make and monogram in my spare time!! Check it out here! I have had numerous orders lately for end of the year teacher, student, and graduate gifts, not to mention the gifts for all the babies being born!! Working until 1:00 every morning to finish these projects has left little to no time to post, read, or comment on my blog or anyone other blogs!

This is the last week of the 2008 - 2009 school year.....and boy am I glad! My class has been the best class I have ever had in the 7 years I have been teaching school, but I am tired! I didn't realize what having a third child would do to me, much less having a sick third child. I literally hit the ground running every morning around 5:30 and usually get in bed at midnight, 1:00 if I am working on a monogramming job! Making 3 different stops to get the kids where they need to be before I get to work each morning makes me tired before I truly begin my day. Teaching 21 first grade students, then picking up my own children, leaves a full day with children!!! Hopefully I can spend some quality time with my own children this summer.....and hopefully I won't be ready to go back to work before the month of June begins! :)

Field Day 2009 ~ in the pouring down rain!!

Eric, the Froot Loop Boy!
I think this is one of the most interesting field day games......shower cap on head, goggles on eyes, Cool Whip on head, sitting in a chair......a big bowl of Froot Loops......racing to see how many Froot Loops stick to the person's head....team with the most is the winning team!!

Logan, Liam, Lainey, and I went to Jack's second birthday, and boy was it interesting! It was already a crazy day....any time you try to get somewhere with 3 little kids, it is crazy! The party was a blast until Liam fell into the pool.....and it was NOT a swimming party! I was too far away, so another parent had to rescue him from the pool! Needless to say, he didn't get near it for the rest of the party!
Lainey at Jack's birthday party

Liam after his "dip."

Jack ~ the birthday boy!

Logan James playing with the bubbles.
On Mother's Day, my niece Lilly was baptized. Luckily I had bought several christening dresses when I was pregnant, in hopes that I would have a baby girl! Unfortunately, I soon found out that I was pregnant with a boy ~ Liam! So, when I had Lainey baptized I used one dress and had one extra....perfect for Lilly Anne! I also made her a cute bow with a cross in the middle to match her beautiful dress! Everyone at church just loved her contagious smile!

Lilly Anne and Dr. Walton

Miss Lilly Anne

Overall, Mother's Day was great. Sid had to work, so I spent my day with my sister and her family, my parents, and my kids. After church we had a yummy lunch at my parents and just enjoyed having another Mother's Day with my mom.
The following Monday was not so lovely! Lainey caught a cold from my mom. She was not drinking and barely urinating. She was quickly dehydrating and coughing a very deep, wet cough. The doctors in town told us to take her to the ER at Egleston, and Dr. Caplan agreed. After 3 hours in the waiting room, several assessments, a chest x-ray, a popsicle, and a wet diaper, 5 hours after we arrived and many germs later, we were released to go home. Lainey is now on antibiotics and she is doing much better!

The Hospital BUG!
On Friday, Logan James Smithson "Love" graduated from pre-k! All of the kids were so cute, but I don't think I could ever teach pre-k kids.....too much energy!
Graduation Rocks!

Logan and his girlfriend, Leigh!

Nolan and Logan

Logan's Pre-k class!

Woo Hoo!! He has made it through his first year of "Big Kid" school!

My love......looking more like his daddy everyday!
Monday was Lainey's monthly CF appointment. Although she has not been drinking much of her formula, or anything for that matter, she still managed to gain 9 oz. She now weighs 20 lbs 9.2 oz. She grew an inch, now measuring in at 29 1/2 inches! Due to her growth spurt in height, she continues to be in the green zone! YEA!
She has some congestion and the nurse could hear it in her chest. She told us to do more "pats" throughout the day as we felt necessary. Lainey was really good and only cried when the nurses and Dr. Caplan held her down on the table!
Now she is able to drink whole milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast....which helps to pack on the weight like the formula did! Since Lainey is doing so well, Dr. Caplan said we do not need to come back for another 6 weeks! We are now going from monthly visits to 6 week visits!!!

Miss Lainey

The new Lainey "look"!
Unbelievably enough, today one year ago, my princess was born! Today Lainey Bug is 1! Little did we know that God had a special plan for our baby and our family.
Check back for pictures......Hope you can come to Lainey's party on Saturday! Click here to see the invitation! :) Instead of gifts, we are asking that you make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Click here to donate!

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