Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trying Three

WoW! We have been so busy that every time I begin to Blog, I never get to a point where I am able to publish my post! Here is a post that should catch you up to speed on our CRAZY lives! This post will update the past two weeks and numerous adventures of The Smithson Family!

Friday a week ago (April 24th), Liam turned 3! He wanted to eat, “steak meat, chips, and cheese” for his birthday, so we went to El Sombrero for dinner. That is one of two places where he will actually EAT! The other place is Chick-fil-A, therefore that is where he had his party! Monday night, Liam and several of his friends, as well as some of our friends and family, gathered at Chick-fil-A for an eventful birthday party! It was so CRAZY that we waited until we got home to have Liam open his presents. He got so many cool toys! Thank you to everyone that attended Liam’s party. We really appreciate all of the awesome gifts! Now that Liam has seen the number 3 on his birthday cake, he believes us when we tell him he is no longer 2!

Liam and the Chick-fil-A cow!
Logan and the cow
Elizabeth and the cow!
Lainey checking out the cow!
Liam and his friend Brett ~ they are the reason why Brett's mom and I work!
Lanie ~ Lainey's friend who also has CF (read this previous blog)
Lanie's brother Landon

Last Saturday (April 25th) was Chris and Kelly’s wedding (Chris is my sister’s brother-in-law). The boys stayed with Papa Dan and Rachel, while my friend Jenn, Lainey, and I went to the wedding. Sid had to work and was unable to take off to go to the wedding. They got married at a beautiful house in Greensboro, Georgia. It took about one hour and forty-five minutes to get there, but we didn’t mind! The wedding was beautiful, Lainey was well-behaved, the food was yummy, the cupcakes were to die for, and the dancing was too funny to miss! Kelly was a beautiful bride.....and Chris looked cute, too (can’t leave him out)! Kelly had some wonderful smelling candles as favors......thank you for helping to mask the stinky CF diaper smell at my house!

Kelly and Chris

Lainey Bug
Tuesday (April 28th) we were scheduled to have our pictures taken for the Littlest Heroes Project. Everyone was home early from work and school, clothes were ironed, and all were dressed and off we went to the park to meet the photographer. Problem: The photographer wasn’t there. We waited for over half an hour, went to several parks incase she got lost, called her (no answer), emailed her, text messaged her, and still no photographer. As bummed as we were, we left and will wait to see if she contacts us again! I really wanted to have her pictures ready before her first birthday. As of now, we have yet to have our emails or phone calls returned!

Wednesday (April 29th) we went to Liam’s 3 year check-up! His weight was in the 75th percentile and his height was in the 50th percentile. He checked out well in all areas! Dr. Onal reminded us that SAFETY is the most important thing when caring for a 3 year old child! He can say that again because Liam is in to EVERYTHING! We have only called the poison control a few times (he took birth control, vitamin D, and an iron pill as well as drinking 1/3 of a bottle of Mucinex), there are a at least half a dozen bruises adorning his legs, he very rarely goes one day without a bump or cut on his face, and he is always sporting bite marks on his hand…..Don’t you bite yourself when you are mad?

Thursday (April 30th) began our series of birthday parties! Liam was invited to a party at Monkey Joe's. Sid and Liam went to the party while I attended a meeting at school. Yesterday I took the kids to 3 birthday parties!! We began at 10:00 with Brett’s party at the INK museum (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids), then Katelynn’s birthday party at 11:00 at the Hall County Humane Society, and finishing with Ajay’s birthday party at 2:00 at his house with the Bus Fair! Three birthdays, three cakes, three presents, three plates of food, and three tired children….and one worn out mommy!

Brett's 3rd birthday!

Katelynn's birthday party!

Katelynn turning 2!

Jenn, Ed, and Katelynn

Got cake?

Kaylah enjoying birthday cake!

Logan, Liam, and Dawson

Ajay's 4th birthday!


Liam jumping on Ajay and Avery's jumper!

This next week will be just as crazy as the past! I will try to post, even if it is just pictures of our adventures! My birthday is on Tuesday, cinco de mayo! We have a birthday party to attend on Saturday, and then Mother’s Day and Lilly’s baptism on Sunday! We are also planning for Lainey’s First Birthday Bash! She has 17 days until her 1st birthday!! Oh yeah, She just began crawling this past week!! Enjoy the pictures and look for more from our week ahead!



Anonymous said...

Looks like a bunch of days filled with great memories! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Aspiemom said...

Wow, you HAVE been very busy!

Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!