Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, it is break that is! Today was the kids' first day back to school and my first day back to work since December 18th! This morning went a little too smooth and I was sure the day was going to end in a disastrous event, but so far so good.....and the kids are in bed so we should be in the clear.

Sid and I rang in the New Year by sitting at the end of our bed watching Dick Clarke and drinking an amaretto sour........and listening to Liam beg to go to Time Square because he "really like(s) balloons!" Shortly after the we rang in 2010, Sid went to bed because he was scheduled to work in ICU new year's day.....bound to be a happenin' place after all of the new year's eve parties! Liam and I stayed up and danced to some of the music groups that performed for the Las Vegas New Year's Party. Liam crashed around 1:00 am and I called it a day shortly after. Woo Hoo.....another eventful new year's eve at the Smithson household!

With the new year, brought the dropping of Lainey's Deeming Waiver Medicaid. We have applied, been denied, appealed the denial, denied again, requested a court hearing, and denied a court Lainey has been dropped! So, here we go again! I am currently working on a new application for the Deeming Waiver, the same thing she was just denied several times. I will become their worst nightmare until Lainey is approved. It is totally ridiculous that I actually work, pay my bills, have insurance, and take care of my child.......yet get no assistance with her astronomical medical bills, medications, and supplements. Ugh! I am sure if I quit working, got rid of my husband, stopped paying my bills, and no longer took care of my children, everything would be handed to me with no questions asked! I really could gripe about this for hours, but instead I am going to spend that time filling out all of the required paperwork so that Lainey's case is heard again! Since she can only yell a handful of words, someone has to be her advocate!

This year I am just asking for good health....for everyone in our home!! Hopefully 2010 will be a ton better than 2009!

Now, I am off to keep my resolution of exercising....Wii Fit, Here I come!


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