Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lainey's Baptism

Today, Sunday, September 21, 2008, Lainey was baptized at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. Lainey wanted to make sure that everyone in the sanctuary knew she was there, so she fussed for 20 minutes until her debut! We're not sure what the preacher did, but now we know who to find when Lainey is fussy. As soon as I handed her to Dr. Walton, she calmed down!

Today's sermon was perfect! "What's That to You?" was the title of Dr. Terry Walton's sermon. In today's world so many of us get "hung" up on why things had to happen to us ~ not others. Life's unfairnesses can build bitterness within, leaving doubt in God's choices. In all honesty, I still have some of these feelings. Why does Lainey have to go through so much? Why did it have to be our baby? With all of the babies being born, why did God choose our baby to suffer from Cystic Fibrosis? Why, Why, Why? After listening to Dr. Walton, it all seems a little clearer. The word of God, "What's That to You?" Mathew 20:1-16. Don't question God's motives. He is working through us. Don't compare your treatment from God to another's. Don't ask why you and not someone else, rather be happy for the others whom have the things you desire. Be happy that you can help God share his word through your life. I plan on keeping God's words fresh in my mind and heart. Although we have and will continue to fight battles with Lainey's disease, these words will help us remember "Why." Hopefully our knowledge and experiences can and will benefit others. In the most challenging of times, I know this will be difficult, but ultimately everything is in His hands. Please pray that We have the strength to follow His word and allow Him to work through our family.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who attended this memorable day in our lives. Lainey, as well as the rest of us, have a wonderful support group. Gigi, Papa, Grandma Barbara, Papa Dan, Aunt Dayna, Grandma Carolyn, Aunt Ashley, Mason, Cindy, Sean, Dawson, and Kaylah ~ We love you and appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for us!

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