Friday, February 13, 2009

The BIG Man is 5!!

5 years ago today, my sweet Logan James was born! 14 hours of labor, 10 minutes of pushing, and 1 wonderful epidural later, at 3:58 pm my 8 lb. 13 oz, 21 inch baby boy was born! Having only 2 veins versus 3 veins in his umbilical cord and having it wrapped around his neck 3 times, I was unable to hold him until after 9:00 that evening. I was a mom, which soon proved to be more stressful and painful than I ever imagined! Logan never got enough food through nursing and often spit up most of his food. After adding Zantac, Soy formula, and rice cereal to his diet, plus making it through three months of Colic, he was a wonderful baby! As for me....When Logan was 1 week old I was in the ER! I began hemorrhaging and running a fever of 103.9. After 4 days in the hospital, a fever averaging 103 degrees, 5 antibiotics, a cooling bed, no eating, 24 hour supervision, ultrasounds, and sleepless nights, I was eventually released. It was later determined that some of the placenta was still attached to my uterine wall, thus causing an infection! And of course the same excuse was repeated throughout my stay in the hospital and even in the weeks afterward..."It is because you are a red head!" Supposedly red heads are at greater risk of infection, low blood pressure, bleeding, passing out, and many more issues!

Logan shares his birthday with Abe Lincoln, or as he says it "Haberham Lincoln." He requested a party at school consisting of cupcakes (because "cake is not allowed" ~ per Logan), Capri Sun, and goodie bags! I was able to take about 45 minutes off of work to celebrate his birthday with his pre-k friends! Logan thought everything was the coolest and required me taking a picture!

The Birthday Boy!

Logan and his pre-k friends!

Later in the evening we celebrated Logan's birthday by eating pizza and cupcakes! We invited several family members, but some were unable to make it to the party. Gigi and Papa let us celebrate at their house with Papa Dan and Rachel and of course Sid, Liam, Lainey, and I. Logan got so many presents he wasn't sure what to play with first! Grandma Barbara and Great Grandma Smithson were unable to make it to the family party, but they sent a lot of gifts. He is having a blast with all of his cool new toys...that he really didn't need because we already have a ton of toys at our house! Thank you to everyone for the awesome gifts. His birthday wish ~ "Mom won't yell at me when I do things I am not suppose to do!" AHHH...way to make me feel like a loser! Thanks Logan James!

Logan showing off his new Power Rangers!

Papa Dan. Logan, and the Red Ranger helmet.

Logan making his birthday wish.

Papa Dan and Lainey Bug

Liam eating a cupcake...yum!

Today I also had a follow up doctor appointment with the endocrinologist. Blah! For some reason my prolactin levels are still elevated (prolactin causes you to lactate, when you are nursing and sometimes when you are not nursing). They were actually higher than they were in September and November when they were last tested! I will continue taking the Cabergoline to help with this issue. My iron was still low even though I am taking a daily iron pill. My estrogen was still low, but not as low as before (was 7, now 22, should be around 500). Hopefully my prolactin levels will decrease and as a result the estrogen increase. If that does not happen, it will be determined that my pituitary gland is no longer working and I will be put on estrogen. My vitamin D also continues to be low...lower than it was in September...and with me taking 5,000 units per day and an addition 50,000 units per week to total 85,000 units per week! The recommended level of vitamin D is at least 32...mine is 19. I guess I will have to lay outside in the nude....just kidding....I don't want my neighbors to move or die for that matter! :)

I have also gained a bad amount of weight...Not cool since I have been trying to lose weight! Hopefully since the doctor has taken me off of one of the two birth controls I have been taking to raise my estrogen, I might lose some weight!

I also went to the Health Department today for Lainey's WIC checks. I did not have to wait very long before they called my number! Hallelujah! Of course I had several little people come up and give me hugs because they know me from school. I was just thankful that it was fairly calm around the Health Department. I also saw my friend Cindy's husband. On his off days he is the police officer on duty for the Health Department. Talking to him made the time go by so much faster! Thanks Sean for making the time fly by and more bearable!
The nurse at the Health Department said that although Dr. Caplan wrote a prescription for Alimentum and Polycose, I would get more from receiving checks for Alimentum without Polycose. The nurse wants me to try to get Medicaid to pay for the Polycose and more cans of Alimentum per month. She had tons of questions about Lainey and her nutritional needs. It always amazes me to talk to people in the medical field who are completely out of the loop when it comes to CF. I allowed her to give me nutritional advice, but also told her that I would only follow what Lainey's dietitian at the CF Center says because she works with CF on a daily basis. The next time I go back for WIC checks, Lainey will be 1! Yea, no Health Department for 3 months!!

Look for more birthday pictures next week! On Monday, Logan is having his birthday party at Monkey Joe's!



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