Monday, February 2, 2009

Visiting with Grandma Smithson

Grandma Smithson came to visit all the way from Texas! This was her first time seeing Logan since he was 9 months old (Nov. 2004) and the first time ever meeting Liam and Lainey! We had a great time hanging out with her during the Superbowl. It is hard to believe she is 85...she looks wonderful. She plans to stay in Georgia for the month of February. We hope to visit with her many more times while she is here for the month.
Lainey and Grandma Smithson
Logan was excited to see his daddy's Gigi! Logan and Grandma Smithson were best buddies from the minute she walked in the door! Liam was not as sure about her. It usually takes him a while to warm up to people, but when he saw his brother getting some attention, he was all about loving on Grandma! Lainey didn't know what to think about Grandma...Grandma thinks it was her dark hair! After a while Lainey decided to hang out in the same room with Grandma and she even let Grandma hold her. I think it is awesome that my children have so many Great Grandparents who are living (10 total if you count Sid's step-grandparents and my birth grandmothers)! Longevity must be in the family....YEA!
We wish Grandma Smithson lived closer to us, but we also know Texas would miss her! Thank you to Aunt Lisa and Papa Noel for letting her come to Georgia to visit. We know you miss her when she is away. We are taking good care of her while she is here! Hopefully Grandma won't get too homesick! :)

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